Student: Using Primary Sources

Looking at Photographs to Gather Information
This is an opportunity to critically examine photographs to discover what clues we can learn from pictures and other graphic documents.

The instructions below are for students who would like to complete this lesson without a teacher’s direction.

When you click on the links that take you outside, a new window will open.

You’ve found this old photograph and are trying to determine when it was taken, your task is to gather evidence showing what year it was taken.

  • Click on Third Street Tunnel and look at the original photograph.
  • After examining the photograph, click on the hyperlink to “Angel’s Flight” to gather information about the data photographed.
    Scroll down the page, reading the material, looking for clues or answers to your questions.

When you reach the pictures, be sure to double click on the ones which interest you. They enlarge wonderfully, providing excellent detail.

Pay attention to the dates of each picture. Watch for pictures that look similar to the one you are researching. This could help you set the dates of the photo.

Try to find evidence which supports your conclusions.

  • Put your responses on the Student Observation Sheet.
  • After you complete this lesson, please remember to Grade Our Site. Thank you.

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