Student: Growth of a City

Similar Beverly Hills aerial photographs taken in 1923 and 1932 allow you to examine the effects of rapid growth of a region. Predict changes to the city over time then compare your predictions with the progress of the city.
The instructions below are for students who would like to complete this lesson without a teacher’s direction.

  1. Go to Other Images of Beverly Hills to see other views. Look at the 1952 Photo to see how most of the land was used. Compare this photo with how open space and undeveloped lots were used.
  2. Read History of Beverly Hills and compare information given with the 1923 Photograph and 1932 Photograph. On the photos, try to locate points mentioned in the text.
  3. Examine a map of the city where your school is located (link to or Yahoo! Maps). Look for areas available for development. Consider what possible needs those areas might meet.
  4. Interview people who have lived a long time in your community to see how different areas have changed over time.
  5. Evaluate your area’s planning to see if those needs have been met. If not, try to establish why.
  6. If open space is available in your community, discuss its best use according to the needs (some possible needs: Housing, Public Transportation, Roads, Schools, Shopping, Industry/Manufacturing, Parks, Utilities).
  7. Go to City of Beverly Hills web site to get further information to determine how well the community has met the needs for community planning discussed in the first class session.

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