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California, the Golden State, has a history unrivaled in texture and complexity. This section of LearnCalifornia.org developed and maintained by the staff of the California State Archives, is the place for anyone—from scholars to people just interested in a good story—to find online resources and information about the state's history. No single organization contains everything a researcher might want to know, so we will connect you with the holdings of the State Archives as well as other institutions to ensure you have access to the most appropriate and authoritative sources available.

We'll also present good historical writing on leading subjects, to give the researcher or the teacher reliable secondary resources that can be trusted and which represent current interpretations. Many significant subjects are only briefly covered in popular secondary historical literature, or are omitted altogether. This is regrettable, and we hope that the narrative information on this site will come to be regarded as an important contribution to the literature of California.

Not everything at the State Archives or any other historical repository is available for use over the Internet, and we have more than 150 years of history to cover. Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for, and remember to think creatively about where the information or document you want might be: historical records are often not where you expect to find them! There will be regular additions of content to this site, and we encourage you to return on a regular basis to find out what old history is new at LearnCalifornia.org!

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