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Student: Japanese Relocation/Internment
Updated: June 9, 2009 

Additional Japanese Relocation/Internment Websites

Civilian Exclusion Order No. 53

Executive Order No. 9066

Japanese Evacuation Photographs

Student Response Sheet

Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees

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Excerpts from reports sent from relocation centers show problems in the implementation of the Executive Order No. 9066. Students will examine the order and discuss how the order would affect their families.

  1. Download and print Student Response Sheet. Read Civilian Exclusion Order No. 53 and complete Student Response Sheet.

  2. Download and print Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees Page 3 and Page 4. Read this to get an understanding of why the War Authority thought the camps needed to be established.

  3. Download and print Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees Page 4, Page 5 and Page 6. Determine what problems the War Relocation Authority anticipated. Compare these with the reality of what happened if the students have already studied the Japanese Relocation.

  4. Take the role of a child whose father has not had to come to the relocation camp. Write a letter to their father describing the camp and their reaction to it.

  5. Make a scale drawing of an 8´ x 20´ room. Put furnishings drawn to scale for your own family (beds, closets, chests, etc.) in the drawing.

  6. Pretend your best friend had to go to the internment camp. Write a letter to that friend.

  7. Review the Japanese Evacuation Photographs and observe the evacuation from the assembly centers. Look for similarities in conditions among the various photographs.

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