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Student: The Right to Education for California's Minorities and Immigrants
Updated: March 20, 2008 

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Court cases and laws passed in California will illustrate the changing treatment of minorities and immigrants in California schools. Examine these laws and cases to see changes in policies that segregated or excluded certain students from certain schools on the basis of their race or ethnicity.

The instructions below are for students who would like to complete this lesson without a teacher’s direction.

  1. Read the Independent Student Instructions.

  2. Study the integration battles of the 1950s and 1960s. Where do these rulings fit in the civil rights debate?

  3. Discuss what role education takes in the advancement of minorities and immigrants.

  4. Research the records of your local newspaper for the period 1925-1940 looking for how your local schools responded to the idea of "separate but equal" education for minorities or immigrants.

  5. Research the plaintiffs in the case. There are many sources of information about individuals in the United States. One that provides interesting information is the Social Security Death Index. This index provides information on anyone who collected social security benefits before their death. People have only contributed to the Social Security Administration’s Social Security program since 1937 and not all people collect from it. In addition, most women change their last name when they are married.

    Write down the names of plaintiffs involved in these cases. Then search their names on the Social Security Death Index.

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