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Primary Source Documents
From the Collections of the California State Archives 

Progressive Argument for Women's Suffrage, 1911

Argument Against Women's Suffrage, 1911

Progressive Argument in Support of Initiative and Referendum, 1911

Argument Against Initiative and Referendum, 1911

Progressive Arguments for Recall

Arguments Against the Recall

Hiram Johnson Photographs, c.1912-1917

The Good Government League

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Governor Hiram Johnson, c. 1912
Governor Hiram Johnson, c.1912

"Governor Hiram Johnson," c.1912
F3757:43 (6)
California State Archives
Sacramento, California

Presented here are several relevant primary source documents, part of the extensive collections of the California State Archives. They have been selected as documents that best represent the issues, conflicts, and mind sets of Californians during the progressive era. All transcriptions were performed by California State Archives staff directly from the originals.

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