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Newspaper Clippings

Book 1, Cover

Menace of Squater's Hovels

Farm Labor Issue Centers On Itinerants-SF News

Farm Labor Issue Centers On Itinerants-Daily News

Book 2, Cover

State, County Clean-Up Officials Do Good Work

Board Acts To Improve Conditions In County

Board Acts To Improve Conditions In County -cont

Book 3, Cover

Labor Housing At Nutting Camp Said To Be State Model

Proverty Among West Side Cotton Pickers Is Very Pitiful

37,000 Jobless Enter State In 5-Month Period

200,000 Immigrants Sit, Wait

3 Articles - March 1937

Merrit Family Kind to Workers

Itinerant Camp Ousted By State

State Being Made Into 'Poorhouse'

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News Clippings Cover

“Labor Camp Scrapbook”
Industrial Relations
Immigration and Housing
1920 – 1940
California State Archives
Sacramento, California

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