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Student Online Instructions
Instructions for online State Seal Lesson 

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Student Instructions
  1. Go online and connect to LearnCalifornia.org


  2. Click on:
    • Student Lessons
    • State Seal
    • First Five State Coins


  3. Read the questions and then click on each coin image to see it enlarged. When you finish looking at an image, click on the close window button or go to the file menu and select close.


  4. When you have finished looking at all the coins and answered all the questions, click on the back button or on the words "go back" to return to the State Seals Lesson.


  5. Click on "U.S. Mint Design Criteria"


  6. Read the guidelines and decide what items you will put on your quarter design. When you are through with this site, click the back button.


  7. If you want to see a list of state symbols, click on the State Symbols button


  8. You have finished the online portion of the lesson. You should now be ready to start your Quarter design.

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