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Updated: October 24, 2004 

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Teacher: 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Teacher: California During the Great Depression

Teacher: California Regions

Teacher: Census/Gold Rush Town

Teacher: Growth of a City

Teacher: Hydraulic Mining

Teacher: Japanese Relocation/Internment

Teacher: Levels of Government in California

Teacher: Planning a Railroad

Teacher: The Right to Education for California's Minorities and Immigrants

Teacher: The State Seal

Teacher: Using Source Material

1906 San Francisco Earthquake use photographs to examine the effects of the earthquake and the fire.

California During the Great Depression will allow the student to assess the conditions migrants and transients faced when coming to California in the 1930s.

California Regions give students the opportunity to explore and compare the four main regions of California by preparing a presentation to the class describing what their region has to offer as a site for a movie or television series.

Census/Gold Rush Town allow students to examine some of the occupants of a gold rush era town.

Growth of a City students will predict changes to the city over time then compare their predictions with the progress of the city.

Hydraulic Mining will give students the opportunity to explore reasons for supporting and opposing hydraulic mining.

Japanese Relocation/Internment excerpts from reports sent from relocation centers show problems in the implementation of the Executive Order No. 9066. In this lesson students will examine the order and discuss how the order would affect their families.

Levels of Government in California students will examine problems; determine the appropriate level of government to deal with the problem; and identify their local, state and federal elected officials.

Planning a Railroad lets students be a modern Theodore Judah—Chief Engineer of the first transcontinental railroad—and plan a railroad route over the mountains from California to Nevada.

The Right to Education for California's Minorities and Immigrants students will examine laws and cases to see changes in policies that segregated or excluded certain students from certain schools on the basis of their race or ethnicity.

The State Seal learn the meaning of the different symbols and objects on the Great Seal of California. They will then create a possible design for the back of the California commemorative quarter to be released in 2005.

Using Source Material is an opportunity for students critically to examine photographs and learn what clues we can discover from pictures and other graphic documents.

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