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California's Sesquicentennial

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Fifty years after the centennials, Californians observed the sesquicentennials of the gold discovery, Gold Rush and statehood. Burdened with an almost unpronounceable name and inadequate public and private funding, these commemorations proved to be less ambitious than those a half century earlier.
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Sesquicentennial, Gold Days, Cover

Sesquicentennial, Gold Days, Page 1

Sesquicentennial, Gold Days, Page 2

Sesquicentennial, Gold Days>

"Sesquicentennial, Gold Days," 1998
California State Archives
Sacramento, California

Sesquicentennial, Wagon Train

Sesquicentennial, Wagon Train

"Sesquicentennial, Wagon Train" n.d.
California State Archives
Sacramento, California

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