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Court Decisions and Law

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1883 Court Decision 1
The [defendant companies – North Bloomfield et al]… are perpetually enjoined and restrained from discharging or dumping into the Yuba river… any of the tailings, bowlders [sic], cobble stones, gravel, sand, debris or refuse matter.

(Supreme Court Judge Lorenzo Sawyer, January 7, 1884)

1884 Court Decision 2
No person, natural or artificial, has the right, directly or indirectly, to cover his neighbor’s land with mining.

(State Supreme Court decision upholding earlier God Run case, November, 1884)

1893 Statute
The Civil Code of the State of California is hereby amended by adding thereto a new title, to be known as title nine….The business of hydraulic mining may be carried on within the State of California wherever and whenever the same can be carried on without material injury to the navigable streams, or lands adjacent thereto.

(Chapter 223, Statutes of 1893)

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