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Gold Miner Writing Prompt

Look at the list of names on the census. Choose one and try to pretend you are that person, just walking into town. Remember that there were no paved streets and no sidewalks. Imagine what it would be like seeing all the various people. Imagine hearing the different languages. If you were from another country, how would the language sound to you? How would you feel about trying to communicate? Would you try to find other people from you original country? If the person you are imagining is a miner, how would he be feeling if he had found some gold? Would he tell people about it or would it be a secret? If you had worked all day and found no gold, how would you feel? If you were a miner who has left his family behind, how would you be feeling about them? What kind of day is it- Rainy or sunny? How would this affect your mood?

Write a letter to your family describing your day and the town. Be sure to let them know how you are doing in the gold fields. Share how you are feeling about being gone. Tell them what your hopes and plans are. Describe the town and its inhabitants. Perhaps you might want to discuss how it feels when you see the only family in the town.

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