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Looking At Census Data - Student Instructions

When looking at data like the census, you can gather a lot of information and also make a lot of hypotheses about the data. For instance, if you see a man and a woman with the same last name, are they likely to be married?

Look at the Wonderly family (Nicholas, Sarah, Alexander and John).

Where were Nicholas and Sarah born? ___________________

Where were Alexander and John born?_____________________

Did the family come straight from Germany?________________

Now find the Platt family (O.L., Pheobe, Philip, Caleb)

What is O.L.’s occupation?___________________________________

Speculate why Phoebe, Philip and Caleb don’t have an occupation listed:

Find the youngest miner listed. What is his name?________________________

Find the oldest miner listed. What is his name? ____________________________

Look at the occupations listed:

What occupations surprised you? _______________________________________

Look at the age of the miners listed on the census. What do you notice about the miner’s ages? _______________

Speculate why none of the women have an occupation. Be ready to share your answer in a class discussion.

Write the name, age, sex, occupation birthplace and residence of one of the people listed in the census who interested you (you will be writing about him/her).

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