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Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees

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"Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees," September-December, 1942
California State Archives
Sacramento, California

Cover Page
Cover Page


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Chronology, Page 1
Chronology and Definitions, Page 2
Evacuation - A Military Necessity, Page 3
Evacuation - A Military Necessity & The Problem , Page 4
The Problem, Page 5
The Problem, Page 6
The Relocation Program, Page 7
The Relocation Program, Page 8
The Relocation Program, Page 9
The Relocation Program, Page 10
The Relocation Program, Page 11
The Relocation Program, Page 12
The War Relocation Work Corps, Page 13
The War Relocation Work Corps, Page 14
The War Relocation Work Corps, Page 15
The War Relocation Work Corps & Approved Relocation Areas, Page 16
Approved Relocation Areas, Page 17
Approved Relocation Areas, Page 18
Approved Relocation Areas, Page 19
War Relocation Authority, 20

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