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Levels of Government in California Offline Lesson Plan
An offline lesson plan demonstrating needs for levels of government 

Elected Officials Worksheet

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Levels of Government Worksheet

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  • Students will examine problems and determine the appropriate level of government to deal with the problem.
  • Students will identify their local, state and federal elected officials

Student Task:

Students will examine a series of problems and decide which level of government is most appropriate for solving the problem. They will also identify their local elected officials using research materials.

Time required: Two 45 minute class periods

Grade Level: 4

Lesson Connections and Standards References:
California Department of Education

  • History—Social Science Standards:
  • Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills
    Kindergarten through Grade Five

    Chronological and Spatial Thinking

    Research, Evidence, and Point of View
    Historical Interpretation
    2, 4

Subject Areas: History-Social Science, Technology

Materials and Preparation:

Obtain copies of local telephone directory

Download and print:

Levels of Government Worksheet
Elected Officials Worksheet


  1. Discuss with students the need for different levels of government due to the extent of a problem. Get them to understand that a local problem generally should be solved locally.
  2. Pass out the Levels of Government Worksheet. Direct students to examine each problem and put a check mark by the appropriate level of government. In those cases where a problem covers multiple levels, have students make a comment why different levels are necessary.
  3. Discuss their decisions. Ask them to justify their answers.
  4. Most telephone directories list elected officials in the front section of the book. Using the local telephone directory, have students identify their state and local elected officials. Have them enter the information on the Elected Officials Worksheet.
Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Thoroughness of examination of the problems on the Levels of Government Worksheet.
  2. Amount of information gathered on Elected Officials Worksheet.


  1. Have students make a list of necessary positions (i.e. sheriff, assessor, fire department, trustee, etc.) which might require election. Discuss whether it would be better to appoint or elect these officials. Try to come to consensus as to what determines whether a position should be appointed or elected.
  2. Attend a local government meeting (city council, school board etc). Try to have students examine the agenda before going so they can become familiar with the issues being discussed.
  3. Invite an elected official to visit the classroom. Prior to the visit, prepare a list of questions to ask and assign students to ask them. If possible, send the list of questions to the elected official prior to their visit

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