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Who's Who of California Governors 1- 20

Would you like to know some interesting facts about California's Governors?

In this activity you will learn some very rare and interesting fact of life about each Governor. Print and match the "Term" to the appropriate "Fact of Life." The "Fact of Life" came from the Governor's biography from the link provided at the bottom of the activity.

Term Governor Term Fact of Life
1st Peter Burnett ___ Attended West Point
2nd John McDougall ___ California's only foreign born Governor
3rd John Bigler ___ Claimed to have lassoed a grizzly bear
4th J. Neeley Johnson ___ Establishing the State Board of Health
5th John Weller ___ He unearthed $1,500 in gold
6th Milton Latham ___ Helped organize a new political party, the "Dolly Vardens"
7th John Downey ___ "Jack-of-all-trades"
8th Leland Stanford ___ Known throughout the state as "I, John"
9th Frederick Low ___ Mule train driver and the youngest Governor (30 years of age)
10th Henry Haight ___ Nicknamed "Old Honesty"
11th Newton Booth ___ One of the "Big Four" who built the transcontinental railroad
12th Romualdo Pacheco ___ Published the first English-language book ever printed in California
13th William Irwin ___ Saved a girl from a kicking horse
14th George Perkins ___ Sheep dealer
15th George Stoneman ___ Shortest Term (five days)
16th Washington Bartlett ___ The dashing colonel from Pasadena
17th Robert Waterman ___ The most wed governor (married four times)
18th Henry Markham ___ This lake named after him was renamed "Lake Tahoe"
19th James Budd ___ Went to sea at age 12
20th Henry Gage ___ Wrote a book about his passionate conversion to Catholicism
Click here to read the biography for each Governor

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