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Who's Who of California Governors 21-38

Would you like to know some interesting facts about California's Governors?

In this activity you will learn some very rare and interesting fact of life about each Governor. Print and match the "Term" to the appropriate "Fact of Life." The "Fact of Life" came from the Governor's biography from the link provided at the bottom of the activity.

Term Governor Term Fact of Life
21st George Pardee ___ A Dam, near Jackson, is named after him
22nd James Gillett ___ Appointed Judge of the Superior Court
23rd Hiram Johnson ___ Automobiles were becoming more common in California and pioneered the state highway system
24th William Stephens ___ Backed the use of computers in state government
25th Friend Richardson ___ Birth first name was William and "Politics is my meat and bread"
26th C. C. Young ___ Birth name - Joseph Graham
27th James Rolph ___ Climbed Yosemite's Ledge Trail
28th Frank Merriam ___ Founded the Inner City Games Foundation
29th Culburt Olson ___ Grocery clerk
30th Earl Warren ___ Mother was the first female elected official in Utah
31st Goodwin Knight ___ Nickname was "Marbletop"- a reflection on his shiny bald head
32nd Edmund G. "Pat" Brown ___ Nick-named "C-Square"
33rd Ronald Reagan ___ President Eisenhower appointed him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
34th Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown ___ President of the United States
35th George Deukmejian ___ Served in the U.S. Marine Corps
36th Pete Wilson ___ Sponsored the "Use a gun, go to jail" law
37th Gray Davis ___ Stenographer and shorthand reporter
38th Arnold Schwarzenegger ___ Established the State Park System

Click here to read the biography for each Governor


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