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Test Student Proficiency in California History 

California Geography and Ecology

Native California

Spanish California

Mexican California

California Becomes a State: 1846 - 1850

The Gold Rush: 1849 to 1860

Transcontinental Railroad

State Government

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Here's a sample of multiple choice test questions, based on materials presented within the LearnCalifornia.org web site. As the site appeals to students of California history of all ages, the questions are arraigned according to escalating levels of difficulty.
  • Level 1 Questions are intended for 4th graders, and cover basic notions within the 4th grade curriculum.

  • Level 2 Questions are more difficult, and are intended for 4th grade units that provide a more in depth exploration of a topic.

  • Level 3 questions are significantly more sophisticated, and are targeted at high school students.

Aficionados of California history are also encouraged to test their knowledge. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to submit questions of their own back to the web site, to further develop this test bank resource.

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