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California Geography and Ecology

  1. Which state does not border California?
    1. Arizona
    2. Washington
    3. Nevada
    4. Oregon
    5. Mexico
  2. What state lies on California's Northern Border?
    1. Idaho
    2. Nevada
    3. Washington
    4. Oregon
  3. Which nation lies along California's southern border?
    1. Mexico
    2. Canada
    3. Colombia
    4. Belize
  4. Which state borders California on the East?
    1. Nevada
    2. Utah
    3. Arizona
    4. A and C are correct
    5. All of the above
  5. You go swimming off the coast of California. In what ocean are you swimming in?
    1. Atlantic Ocean
    2. Pacific Ocean
    3. Indian Ocean
    4. California Ocean
  6. Which of these cities does not lie upon the California Coast?
    1. Sacramento
    2. San Diego
    3. San Francisco
    4. Monterey
  7. You are in a California ecosystem. Its flora consists primarily of pine and fur trees. Animals include deer and black bear. In the winter, between five and twenty feet of snow falls on the ground. Everywhere their are formations of granite rock. You are most likely in the:
    1. Coastal Ranges
    2. Sierra Nevada Mountains
    3. Mojave Desert
    4. Central Valley
  8. You are driving along a highway in California. You pass by many farms and orchards. You cross the Sacramento River. The ground is for the most part flat, and on a very clear day you can see mountains on either side of you. You are most likely in:
    1. The Coastal Ranges
    2. The Sierra Nevada Mountains
    3. The Mojave Desert
    4. The Central Valley
  9. You are sightseeing in a California city. You walk the span of the Golden Gate bridge, visit Coit Tower and eat lunch in Chinatown. You are in:
    1. Sacramento
    2. Los Angeles
    3. San Diego
    4. San Francisco
  10. You are visiting a Californian city. You take of tour of the State Capitol Building and visit the California State Archives. You are in:
    1. Sacramento
    2. Redding
    3. Los Angeles
    4. San Diego
  11. You are visiting a California National Park. You hike past El Capitan and Half Dome. You are in:
    1. Yosemite National Park
    2. Kings Canyon National Park
    3. Death Valley National Park
    4. Lassen Volcanic National Park
  12. This animal, the official animal of the State of California, was finally hunted to extinction in the 1920s:
    1. California Quail
    2. Gray whale
    3. The Mountain Lion
    4. California Grizzly Bear
  13. California is prone to earthquakes because:
    1. The opposing movements of the North American and Pacific plates.
    2. California's topsoil is very fragile and prone to seismic disruption.
    3. Too many people live in California
    4. California is no more prone to severe earthquakes than any other part of the country.
  14. The official California State Bird is the:
    1. California Quail
    2. Turkey
    3. Golden Eagle
    4. California Condor
  15. This animal was on the verge of extinction. The remaining handful of animals were captured and bred in captivity. Thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists, this magnificent California species has been reintroduced to the wild.
    1. Bald Eagle
    2. California Grizzly Bear
    3. California Condor
    4. Gray Whale
  16. Which of the following best describes the Sierra Nevada mountains?
    1. Gentle rolling green hills
    2. Young, tall mountains composed of mainly of igneous rock (mainly granite).
    3. Old mountains that have endured millions upon millions of years of erosion.
    4. The tallest mountain range on the planet
  17. Southern California receives the bulk of its water from sources in Northern California that have been artificially diverted.
    1. True
    2. False
  18. You are swimming in Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You wish to drive home to San Francisco. In what direction, roughly, should you head?
    1. North
    2. South
    3. East
    4. West
  19. You are in the city of Sacramento, in the center of the Central Valley. You wish to drive to the city of Los Angeles. In what direction, roughly, will you head?
    1. North
    2. South
    3. East
    4. West
  20. This site in the City of Los Angeles is a gold mine of fossils of pre-historic beasts, including the California State fossil: Smilodon, or Sabre Toothed Cat. Once a pleistocine death trap, it is now a popular tourist destination as well as an invaluable resource for paleontologists.
    1. La Brea tarpits
    2. Elk Hills Naval Oil Reserve
    3. Smilodon State Park
    4. William de Young Museum
  21. Twice a year this 30 foot long Marine mammal can be seen making its migration along the California coast, swimming from Baja California to Alaska. Although almost hunted to extinction, its population has dramatically rebounded, and it is the official State Marine Mammal.
    1. Elephant Seal
    2. Gray Whale
    3. Great White Shark
    4. Stellar Sea Lion
  22. Which best describes the Climate of Southern California?
    1. Mediterrainian (Chaparal)
    2. Tropic
    3. Desert
    4. Tundra
  23. You are in San Francisco, driving towards the Klamath Mountains. Roughly, in what direction are you heading?
    1. North
    2. South
    3. East
    4. West
  24. You are in a major California city, the home of the first Spanish mission founded in the state. The city is very close to the Mexican border. It is also home to extensive US Navy installations. You visit its renowned zoo as well as Sea World. You are in:
    1. Sacramento
    2. San Diego
    3. San Francisco
    4. Redding
  25. The tallest mountain in California, indeed the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states is:
    1. Mt. McKinley
    2. Mt. Shasta
    3. Mt. Diablo
    4. Mt. Whitney
  26. The lowest point in California, indeed the lowest point in North America is:
    1. Death Valley
    2. The Central Valley
    3. The Salton Sink
    4. The Grand Canyon
  27. Which of the following is not a California River?
    1. Colombia River
    2. Sacramento River
    3. Feather River
    4. American River

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