Links to Historical Resources

A Guide to California History on the Web

There are numerous sites on California history on the Internet. Here we have attempted to compile many useful links, providing a convenient, online resource for finding information on almost any topic concerning California history. There are two sets of links:

Organizations and Institutions
Organized into Archives and Libraries, Historical Sites, Historical Societies, and Museums. Whether you’re looking for information on your ancestors, conducting historical research, or interested in visiting a museum or historic park, there are numerous sites to explore.

The second set of links is arranged topically. Here you will find a wealth of information on California’s past.

NOTE: The State Archives is glad to share access to historical resources outside our own holdings. However, links to other sites, whether governmental, academic, non-profit or commercial, do not constitute any endorsement by the Secretary of State, nor does the Secretary of State purport to comment on the quality, accuracy or usefulness of any site whether or not it is linked to