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Miner's Testimony

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The great evil of which complaint is made, to wit, filling our lower rivers, bays, and harbor, arises from and upon a much larger area than that operated upon by the hydraulic miners, and is very much more extensive and should not be charged upon the miners at all. It cannot be denied that much the largest portion of the immediate damage to the farmers near, or at the mouths of these mining rivers 9by covering their lands with “slickens”), is due to mining operations, yet even this is not due to mining alone. This class of damage is local, and can, without doubt, be grappled with and justice be done to both miners and farmers, and the evil itself, in a great measure cured, by utilizing this “slickens” in filling up land, and making valuable that which is now considered worthless. This cannot be done by legislation, aided and guided by information and results which can only be arrived at by a “non-partisan” commission of scientific men, free from all local influences and interests, who shall make this examination a speciality, until the subject is exhausted. The great evil, charged upon the hydraulic miners alone, of the filling up of the lower rivers, bays, and harbor arises from two causes….First, natural ones; and second, principally from the operations of the farmers themselves in following their agricultural interests. (Testimony given by Lester Robinson, mine owner, before California legislative hearing, 1878)

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