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Tape v. Hurley, California Supreme Court (1885)
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An eight-year-old student of Chinese descent, Mamie Tape, applied to attend Broadway Grammar School in San Francisco. The principal, Jennie Hurley, denied her attendance because the trustees of the school district prohibited Chinese students from attending local schools. Her father, Joseph Tape, filed suit to allow her to attend this school and receive an education in her neighborhood.

For this classroom activity, there will be at least two teams. The plaintiff’s team(s) will argue for Tape and the defendant’s team(s) for Hurley. Both teams should read all relevant materials including the Appellant’s Points and Authorities; Transcript on Appeal; and Respondent’s Points and Authorities. As they do this research, they should complete the Court Case Positions - Student Research Form.

After reading and discussing the material, the teams should be ready to argue their cases. After arguing their cases, the teams will hear the decision of the court analyze why the Supreme Court justices made that decision in 1885.

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