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Japanese Relocation/Internment Online Lesson Plan
An online lesson examining the Japanese Internment 

Additional Japanese Relocation/Internment Websites

Civilian Exclusion Order No. 53

Description of Santa Anita Assembly Center

Problems of "L" Family

Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees

Student Response Sheet

Executive Order No. 9066

Excerpts from reports sent from relocation centers show problems in the implementation of the Executive Order No. 9066. Students will examine the order and discuss how the order would affect their families.


  • Determine how executive orders affected individuals and families of mixed parentage.
  • Relate evacuation to own life experiences

Student Task:

After reading a civilian exclusion order, students will discuss: how that order would affect their family if it pertained to them; mixed marriages and where the children should go; life in relocation camps.

Time Required: Two 45 minute class periods

Grade Level: 4 and 11

Lesson Connections and Standards References:
California Department of Education

  • History—Social Science Standards:

  • Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills
    Kindergarten through Grade Five

    Chronological and Spatial Thinking

    3, 4 Research, Evidence, and Point of View 2 Historical Interpretation 1, 2, 4

Subject Areas: History-Social Studies, Technology

Resources Used: Social Welfare - War Services Reports 1942-1945

Materials and Preparation: Download and print:

Exclusion Order #53, pages 3 and 4
Student Response Sheet
Problems of "L" Family (1 copy)
Description of Santa Anita Assembly Center


  1. Students read Exclusion Order #53, paying special attention to what property they can bring with them.
  2. Students fill out Student Response Sheet, listing what they would take with them and what they would miss the most.
  3. Students share the responses from their sheets in small groups or in large class discussion.
  4. Teacher reads description of the Problems of "L" Family. (Read the first and second paragraph) Discuss with students the possible options. Read the final outcome of the situation to the students (third paragraph).
  5. Have students read the Description of Santa Anita Assembly Center. Ask them to look at the size of the room. (alternately, they could measure this size on the classroom floor to better visualize it) (a room this size this would be assigned to a whole family). Ask them to imagine their own family living in just this space.


  1. Thoroughness of preparation of Student Response Sheet
  2. Participation in class discussion


  1. Direct students to read the Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees Page 3 and Page 4 to get an understanding of the thinking of the time leading to the establishment of the camps. Discuss with students.
  2. Direct students to read the Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees Page 4, Page 5 and Page 6. The problem to see what problems were anticipated by the War Relocation Authority. Compare these with the reality of what happened if the students have already studied the Japanese Relocation.
  3. Direct students to read the Relocating Japanese-American Evacuees Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11, Page 12, Page 13, Page 14, Page 15, Page 16, Page 17, and Page 18, to read what was planned for the relocation centers. Have students compare that to information gathered online from sites listed in the Additional Japanese Relocation Websites.
  4. Direct students to the Japanese Evacuation Photographs to observe the evacuation from the assembly centers. Have students look for similarities in conditions among the various photographs.

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