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Native California

Level 1 Questions:
  1. The first inhabitants of California where descendants of the:
    a. Siberians who crossed over the Bearing Strait during the last ice age.
  2. People probably entered California in roughly
    a. 12,000 BC
  3. Which of these was NOT a means by which Indians living in the Central Valley obtained food:
    d. Agriculture
  4. Which of the following was not part of the material culture of the California Indians prior to contact with Europeans?
    a. Iron spearheads
  5. Ishi was:
    b. The last living member of the Yahi tribe
  6. The primary source of calories for Central Valley Tribes was:
    b. acorns
  7. What event dramatically impacted the lifestyles of the California Indians?
    d. All of the above
Level 2 Questions
  1. In which of the following regions did California Indians practice horticulture/agriculture.
    c. Along the Colorado River
  2. Which of the following is NOT a California Indian tribe?
    d. Sioux
  3. A major source of protein for the Coastal tribes living in the northwest part of the state would have been:
    d. Salmon
Level 3 Questions
  1. The government system of most California Indian Tribes can best be describes as:
    d. An egalitarian society where rights and obligations were determined by kinship.
  2. When studying the California Indians, a tribe is defined as:
    b. A group of people who speak the same language and share common customs
  3. In general the Natives of the Central Valley:
    a. Seldom engaged in warfare
  4. One of the reasons why agriculture failed to develop in the Central Valley was:
    d. All of the above are correct.
  5. The initial California Indian population, prior to contact with Europeans, is estimated at:
    b. 300,000
  6. By 1870, the California Indian population numbered:
    c. 30,000
  7. The dramatic decline of the California Indian population was caused by:
    e. All of the above

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