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Spanish California

Level 1 Questions
  1. The first explorer to sight California was:
    a. Juan Cabrillo
  2. This English adventurer also landed on the California coast, claiming it for Elizabeth I:
    d. Francis Drake
  3. The major Spanish road through California was called:
    e. b and c are correct
  4. The Spanish built a series of forts in California, called
    c. Presidios
  5. The Spanish established several settlements in California known as:
    a. Pueblos
  6. Spain lost control of California due to:
    c. The Mexican Revolution
  7. The founder of the California Mission system was:
    c. Padre Junipero Serra

Level 2 Questions
  1. California is named after:
    c. A fictional Indian princess in a popular novel
  2. The Spanish referred to the region now known as the state of California as:
    a. Alta California
  3. The division of California into Alta and Baja California was based on:
    b. The boundary between the missionary jurisdictions of the Dominican
  4. The first major land expedition into California was led by:
    a. Gaspar de Portola
  5. The first mission was founded in:
    a. San Diego
  6. Which of these following was not a goal of the mission system:
    d. To wipe out the California Indian population with disease and forced labor.
  7. Which of the following was a California Indian response to the missions?
    d. All of the above.
  8. The revolt of the Yuma Indians in 1781:
    b. Permanently severed land communications between Mexico and Alta California.
  9. The Russians established outposts in Northern California, such as Ft. Ross, in order to:
    d. Hunt otters for their pelts
  10. The last year of Spanish control of California was:
    b. 1821

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