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State Government

  1. In California, Executive Power is vested in a. The Governor

  2. California is sub-divided into: d. Counties

  3. The California Legislatures consists of: b. A Senate and an Assembly

  4. The current state constitution was written in: c. 1879

  5. California has the longest constitution ever written: a. True

  6. The process whereby voters pass laws directly is called the: a. Initiative Process

  7. The process whereby voters repeal laws passed by the legislature is called: b. Referendum

  8. The process whereby voters "un-elect" an elected official is called: b. Recall

  9. How many Senators does California send to Washington DC to represent the state in the United States Senate? b. 2

  10. How many Representatives does California currently send (as of 2002) to represent the State in the United States House of Representatives? c. 52

  11. How many electoral does California get to cast in the electoral college election for the United States Presidency? d. 54

  12. If the governor wants to prevent a bill from becoming a law he: d. Vetoes it

  13. If someone is convicted of committing a crime in California, what is the highest court to which they can appeal their case? d. United States Supreme Court

  14. Which of the following is not a function of the California State government? e. Foreign Policy

  15. In order for a bill to become a law it must have the approval of: d. All of the above

  16. The Governors veto can be overridden by: d. a and b are correct

  17. Troops in the California National Guard are normally under the command of: c. The Governor of California

  18. The State of California maintains the: e. A and B are correct

  19. Which of the following is not an elected office in California? d. All of the above are elected officials in California

  20. What body regulates the railroads, electric companies, and water companies? a. The Public Utilities Commission

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