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This is War!
The Golden State in Global Conflict 1940-1946 

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War Comes to CA

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Relocation by Race

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Postwar Golden State

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Victory Through Unionism, 1939

California in 1940 was generally regarded as a pleasant place, popular with tourists, retirees and Midwesterners. The state did not seem particularly urban or industrial. When most people thought of California’s products they thought oranges and movies. Then world war brought tremendous change to the Golden State. California became a ship and aircraft manufacturing hub. Urban populations soared as workers and their families arrived to staff the new factories. Military facilities bristled from one end of the state to the other. Servicemen and women by the tens of thousands trained and prepared at California bases for duty overseas. With the coming of peace, Californians looked forward to a return to normal. But the state emerged from the conflict as an economic and social powerhouse, and nothing would be quite the same again.

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