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Hydraulic Mining Photographs

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Photo Credit: California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology Library, used with permission. DMG CD 98–001 California Gold Mines—A Sesquicentennial Photograph Collection.

Chinese Miner Using A Cradle
Early Hydraulic Mining
Flume for Carrying Water to Hydraulic Mine
Hydraulic Miners and Sluice
Hydraulic Mining and Ground Sluicing
Malakoff Diggings
Men Astride a Giant Monitor
Miners Operating a Sluice at Spanish Flat
Miners Retrieving Coarse Gold from the Riffles
Miners Sluicing at Head of Auburn Ravine
Monitors at La Grange Mine
Monitors (Giants) at a Hydraulic Mine
Monitors Washing Debris
Riffle Box at La Grange Mine
Sluice Box Lined with Rail Riffles
Streambed Near Weaverville
Two Monitors and Cut to Remove Tailings
Water Supply

Link to the California Department of Conservation’s California Geological Survey Library web site and view selected photographs from CD 98–001.

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