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Student Directions
California Regions Student Direction Sheet 

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  1. Log onto the LearnCalifornia.org web site.
  2. Click on:
    • Students
    • California Regions
    • California Bioregions
  3. From the map of the bioregions, select an area that is included in your region.
  4. When that area appears, select the area "about the ... Bioregion.
  5. Scroll down the page until you find the majority of the necessary information. When you click on the links, they will open a new page.
  6. Write this information on your Student Research Form.

    Note if you cannot find the information you need for your part of the report from the area you selected, try another one in the same bioregion (for example, if you selected the Sacramento Valley region, you could also try the San Joaquin Valley region).

  7. For further information, view California Museum for History, Women and the Arts link, click on "Landscape" then click on "Maps." These maps are especially helpful for temperatures.
  8. To get more information about your region, click on Images of California Environment. The map at the front page will allow you to click on various regions to see pictures of that region. If you see one you might use in your report, ask your teacher how the image should be saved or printed.
  9. If you would like to see a map and list of movies made in California, click onto Movie Made in California. This site will give you a list of movies made in different regions of California.
  10. After you complete this lesson, please remember to "Grade the Site."

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