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“Desirable” or “Undesirable”

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In 1929, California’s Division of Highways conducted a study of various roadside businesses along heavily traveled routes in Los Angeles and Orange counties.  Division staff rated the architecture and appearance of each business as “desirable,” “undesirable,” or  “questionable.”  What do you think?

Ye Old Gas Shoppe (Gasoline and Convenience Market)
On Foothill Boulevard, at Geary Avenue.
Rated “desirable.”

The Tamale (Eatery)
On Whittier Boulevard west of Montebello.
Rated “questionable.” 

B & L Service Station (Gasoline and Auto Service Station)
On Foothill Boulevard near San Gabriel River bridge, between Monrovia and Azusa.
Rated “undesirable.”

Betsy Ann Ice Cream Stand and Coffee Shoppe
On Foothill Boulevard between Pasadena and Arcadia, near Sierra Madre Road.
Rated “questionable.” 

Unnamed walnut, honey, and avocado stand
On Foothill Boulevard just west of Monrovia.
Rated “undesirable.”

Mt. Baldy (Frozen Orange Juice Stand)
Along Route 2 in Los Angeles County, near San Gabriel Bridge.
Rated “desirable.”

Unnamed Vegetable Stand (Vegetables, Fruit, and Gasoline)
Built up to right of way line on Foothill Boulevard east of Glendora.
Rated “undesirable.”

Honeyville (Eatery)
On Foothill Boulevard between Monrovia and Azusa.
Rated “desirable.”

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