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Student: California During the Great Depression
Updated: March 20, 2008 

Interstate Migration and its Effect on California

Migratory Labor in California

Newspaper Clippings


Additional Photographs

Relief and Agricultural Employees in California

Sacramento Depression Settlement Survey, 1935

Transients in California

Typical Family on SRA Relief

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Hard Times in California

You are the Assistant Administrator of the California State Relief Administration. Your supervisor, the Director of the Relief Administration, has been asked to make a presentation to the Governor about information gathered by the agency. The director has asked you to summarize the findings and prepare a five page report showing the most important information. He wants to see charts, graphs, information from reports, photographs and newspaper clippings which support the conclusions you have reached by reviewing the critical documents. You have asked your staff to supply you with an assortment of items so you can choose the most relevant for this report. Your report may not exceed five pages and must include at least two charts, two photos, two newspaper clippings, quotations from reports and your conclusion about the transient/migrant worker problem in California.

Consider some of the following problems–

  1. Is there an excess of labor available in California—if so, why and what are we doing about it?

  2. What is life like for the migrant workers of California? What problems do they face?

  3. Are the problems they faced real or is it just something stirred up by the newspapers?

When you find a document you want to use, either copy and paste it or print it so you can use it in your report. Be sure and give the proper citation when you copy a document or photo.


  1. Interstate Migration and its Effect on California

  2. Migratory Labor in California

  3. Newspaper Clippings

  4. Photographs (Some photographs are within other documents)

  5. Relief and Agricultural Employees in California

  6. Sacramento Depression Settlement Survey, 1935

  7. Transients in California

  8. Typical Family on SRA Relief

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