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Visit Truckee by Train
Create an 1875 advertising brochure for Truckee 

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The Central Pacific Railroad coming to Truckee was a major event in the development of the town. It had the potential to bring many tourists to town. You are part of a committee whose task it is to develop a brochure to give to tourists, encouraging them to come to Truckee for fun and recreation. Make a brochure promoting the area, especially the train ride to Truckee and the local activities available.

As a committee, you are to go to the Central Pacific Railroad Museum web site and find photographs that help you create a brochure for the town of Truckee. Ask your teacher how to save or print these photos for inclusion in your brochure.

Student Note: the pictures are frequently stereographs, pictures taken with a camera using two lens. When you see them, they will look like duplicates side by side. It was an early form of 3-D viewing, and very popular in the 1870s and 1880s. The web site has links to sites giving more information on sterescopes. The pictures are generally untitled, just giving the name of the photographer. They will also open up in a separate window that you must close when you are done viewing that picture.

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