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Spanish California

Level 1 Questions
  1. The first explorer to sight California was:
    1. Juan Cabrillo
    2. Sir Francis Drake
    3. Ferdinand Magellan
    4. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
  2. This English adventurer also landed on the California coast, claiming it for Elizabeth I:
    1. Henry Hudson
    2. James Cook
    3. James T. Kirk
    4. Francis Drake
  3. The major Spanish road through California was called:
    1. Route 1
    2. The Royal Road
    3. El Camino Real
    4. Mainstreet
    5. b and c are correct
  4. The Spanish built a series of forts in California, called
    1. Pueblos
    2. Castillas
    3. Presidios
    4. Ciudades
  5. The Spanish established several settlements in California known as:
    1. Pueblos
    2. Presidios
    3. Castillos
    4. Iglesias
  6. Spain lost control of California due to:
    1. The Yuma Revolt
    2. The establishment of Russian outposts in Northern California
    3. The Mexican Revolution
    4. The Spanish-American War
  7. The founder of the California Mission system was:
    1. Gaspar de Portala
    2. Francis de Assisi
    3. Padre Junipero Serra
    4. Ignatius Loyola

Level 2 Questions
  1. California is named after:
    1. The wife of the explorer who first sighted it.
    2. The Caliph, leader of the Arabs
    3. A fictional Indian princess in a popular novel
    4. The Spanish word for the Golden Poppy.
  2. The Spanish referred to the region now known as the state of California as:
    1. Alta California
    2. Baja California
    3. Alto Mexico
    4. Bajo Mexico
  3. The division of California into Alta and Baja California was based on:
    1. An order from Spain
    2. The boundary between the missionary jurisdictions of the Dominican and Franciscan orders
    3. A traditional boundary between Indian tribes
    4. A random line drawn on the map.
  4. The first major land expedition into California was led by:
    1. Gaspar de Portola
    2. Juan Cabrillo
    3. John C. Fremont
    4. Sir Francis Drake
  5. The first mission was founded in:
    1. San Diego
    2. Monterey
    3. Santa Barbara
    4. San Francisco
  6. Which of these following was NOT a goal of the mission system:
    1. To give the Spanish a foothold in Alta California
    2. To convert the California Indians to Roman Catholicism
    3. To enculturate the Californian Indians in European ways and teach them agriculture.
    4. To wipe out the California Indian population with disease and forced labor.
  7. Which of the following was a California Indian response to the missions?
    1. Conversion and assimilation to European ways.
    2. Violent revolts against the Spanish.
    3. Fleeing to the interior of California away from Spanish control.
    4. All of the above.
  8. The revolt of the Yuma Indians in 1781:
    1. Was brutally crushed by the Spanish.
    2. Permanently severed land communications between Mexico and Alta California.
    3. Ensured the complete destruction of the Yuma Indians.
    4. A and C are correct
  9. The Russians established outposts in Northern California, such as Fort Ross, in order to:
    1. Wage war on the Spanish.
    2. Convert as many Indians as possible to Orthodox Christianity.
    3. Capitalize on the agricultural bounty of the Northern Coast.
    4. Hunt otters for their pelts
  10. The last year of Spanish control of California was:
    1. 1781
    2. 1821
    3. 1848
    4. 1898

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